Saturday, March 13

French Men Test Skate for Second Spot to Worlds

This page from the French Federation website announces a test skate on March 15th between Brian Joubert, Yannick Ponsero, and Alban Preaubert determining who will accompany 12th-place Olympic finisher Florent Amodio to the World Championships next week. Joubert finished a disappointing 16th place in Vancouver after medaling at every Worlds since the 2006 Olympics, and every European Championship he's ever attended-- starting in 2002. He won bronze at the event in 2010, while Ponsero and Preaubert were sixth and seventh.

So who earns the second World Championship spot?

My bets are still on Joubert. Aside from his 2006 and 2010 Olympic experiences, he's been one of the more consistent skaters when it comes to the big events. Ponsero tends to skate extremely well in one portion of an event, only to completely fall apart in the other portion. While I would love to see him hold it together for both programs in the test skate, it seems pretty unlikely. Preaubert has a style all to his own but his overall skating skills and quality of the elements are not up to the level of the other two skaters. He would definitely be relying on several errors from both men in order to grab the second spot.

I created a poll which you can find at the top right corner of the blog, asking who you think will win the second French entry to Worlds.

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