Wednesday, March 31 Have read that Japan's Skating Fed will be proposing 1.bonus pts for difficult/original elements 2.adding 3A as an axel choice for the ladies SP 3. setting required jump elements for FS. What's your take on the possibility of their being actually adopted?

1.) There used to be that one point bonus if anyone came up with an original move. I think one person might have ever gotten the bonus, and then they did away with it. But maybe I'm remembering incorrectly and it's possible no one ever got the bonus.

2.) I think that should definitely be an option, even if Mao Asada is the only one to attempt it. I'm all for it.

3.) Tell me more about these required elements. I haven't read up on what the Japanese Federation would like to do, but this sounds interesting to me.

I think number 2 has a great chance of being adopted over the summer. Number 1, probably not. I think that a good idea though is to give some kind of bonus to any lady, for example, that can land any five of the six different triples in a program and not receive a downgrade or edge call. Maybe even a bigger bonus for any lady that can do all 6 triples (obviously just Asada at this point)..

In the next few weeks I want to talk to some skaters and former officials and other people involved in the sport and ask about the things they would like to see changed and throw in some of my own ideas and write a little blog entry about all of it.


highaims said...

Wow,am amazed at your fast responses! Thanks! I'm a skating fan residing in Japan, and obviously there's alot of hype in the press after the top podium grabs of the two top Japanese skaters. Interesting to read your blog to see opinions from the other side of the world.

Tony said...

I love hearing from the Japanese fans. The tables are most certainly turned now and many of the biggest stars in the sport are from Japan.. figure skating is really not as popular in North America as it was even 5 years ago, so any news you can share with me is very much appreciated :-)

Amy said...

Uh no, Asada does not even go anywhere near landing 6 clean triples. Her lutz was taken out of her programs two seasons ago due to faulty technique that she refused to fix, and she cannot perform the salchow jump at all. If anything Akiko, Miki, or Joannie had better technique than Asada in landing 5 out of 6 triples. The Japanese Federation's proposals are a blatant attempt at skewing the scoring system in favor of one athlete - Asada - only because she refuses to/cannot fix her jumping technique and has become solely dependent on the triple axel. She is a very unbalanced skater in this aspect, and it would be a travesty to place the rest of the skating world at a disadvantage by encouraging rules that neglect well-rounded, fundamental skating skills. Why blame the system when your own shortcomings are so evident? Bring the lutz, salchow, and the works, jumps you should have mastered as a junior skater back into your programs, and then we'll talk about bonus points. Then again, if Asada could do all that, will the Japanese Federation really be nagging about rewarding the triple axel? If she had 5 excellent triples to work with, would she even have needed it? Think about that.

Tony said...

Uh.... I am well aware of what every skater is able to land, and I meant that the only person who really could eventually get credit for all six triples is Asada. Sorry if I wasn't clear in saying that she needed to regain her Salchow and Lutz, and even so, the Lutz would have to be done on the outside edge in my opinion to even receive any type of bonus if they do create something of the type.

And I've already addressed many times in my writings here and on my YouTube videos that if Asada was doing a full set of triples minus the Axel, she'd probably be scoring around the same as she is now because instead of using up all of her seven triple jumping passes, she includes two double Axels where she can be doing a Lutz and a Salchow. If she really worked the technique, she wouldn't have to worry about losing 5 points or more on a cheated triple Axel.

Even though these ideas are probably to benefit Mao, I have no problem with a great attempt at a jump not being knocked all the way down to the lesser jump with negative GOE on top of it.

Anonymous said...

Since her career, Mao has tried all the triples. And she has landed the Sal a couple of times. It's not her strongest jump but it's wrong to say she cannot do it at all. The only major technique issue she has is the flutz, but it's not like she refused to correct it. After the edge rules were in place, Mao has been trying to correct her edge. She did succeed in correting it and even landed a clean one in competition once but then it was still unstable for her, so I think that's why she left it out during Olympic season. The new rule creates more options for the women. I don't think it particularly benefits Mao because she still has to get everything ratified. So it's bascially the same as now. Also, there will definitely be more axel jumpers in the future, so why limit their choices?

Anonymous said...

Anything for Princess!

I wish the Japanese federation would give at least some attention to all the other wonderful skater they have besides Mao. I can't wait until the day Mao's star starts to fade and the other Japanese skaters can't get their due attention.

Sorry! I'm a bitter Akiko Suzuki diehard fan! In my eyes, she is a thousand times more artistic and entertaining to watch than Mao and deserves a little more attention from her own federation.

highaims said...

Sorry if I haven't been more specific, but from what I've read,
proposal 1. includes bonus for difficult 3-3 combos, quads and others as well, not only for the ladies' 3A.
As for 2., while the 3A option for the ladies SP might have immediate benefits for Mao only at this point, others will surely follow in the near future.
The media here weren't too specific about 3., but said something about defining specific jumps requirements. This in fact is not in Mao's favor, with her well known Lutz and Salchow problems.
So, I personally don't feel that the Japanese Fed's proposals had only Mao in mind, (although it's true that she'll be the first to benefit from 2.), if they're implemented at all. In the long run, 1. (with specifics laid out instead of the older broad version) 2. and 3. will give all skaters the incentive to challenge higher level elements and work harder with all the basic jump elements.

And I definitely didn't expect all these various responses!! Wow!

Anonymous said...

I always look forward to reading the updates of this blog, but the only thing I regret is that some people come here to run down the skaters they don't like and others come to fight back and eventually create a mess. It's not only about this place but everywhere else though...

Tony, I have a request to you because you are becoming so influential. Would you mind stopping using the word "cheat jump" and say "under-rotated jump" or anything nicer instead? No skaters cheat on purpose but try their best and underrotate or get downgraded by very strict judges.

Both in the Olympics and the Worlds, those who made more obvious mistakes lost and that's all. I doubt the point math reflect the bare truth.

Let's not be so uptight and enjoy wathing the best time ever in the history of figure skating!

Anonymous said...

Er, aren't you being a sensitive nelly? underrotated jumps ARE cheated.

Tony said...

Yeah, when I say cheated it doesn't mean that the skaters themselves were cheating. It means that the landing of the jump was cheated. I usually use both under-rotated and cheated when talking about it. Sorry if saying that makes it sound like I'm being mean.

Anonymous said...

You don't have to say "sorry" about that, Tony. This place is your blog. Also you say "Jumps are cheated". You don't usually forget to admire other aspect of the skaters when you say your opinion which might be hard to recognize for their fans.
IMO, avid fans can't stand that anyone just points out the weakness. That's the reason why there are useless fights.