Tuesday, March 16

Formspring.me: Hey, I was trying to get you to read this article (if you haven't already) in youtube, but obviously, they don't allow any links. http://www.iceskatingintnl.com/archive/results_vancouver/Asada%20Triple%20Axel.htm Your two cents?

I have seen this. I think it would be easier for me to go back and watch the actual video than look at the pictures, but I will say that I always thought that Asada cheated her toe loop on the end of her combinations, in terms of pre-rotating (very much like Kimmie Meissner did-- and I NEVER understood why she got credit for fully-rotated toe loops). These pictures show that she really does severely turn the jump before getting in the air.

The bigger issue obviously is the triple Axel, and hmm.. she skids the take-off, which actually is pretty common. I don't think it is that severe of a skid, but that along with the quarter turn cheat minimum on the landing should honestly be enough to downgrade the jump.

It just bothers me that the whole basis of her skating the last few years has been stalking the triple Axels and throwing away valuable other points in the components and losing other, easier, triple jumps. If she had a full set of triples AND great choreography AND speed, it would be a different story..

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