Friday, March 26 Hi Tony, any comments before the Ladies short program tonight? With as much detail if possible, thanks Tony!

I'm going to watch the entire thing later on today as I ended up having to work today. It happens. But general thoughts.. I think it'll end up really similar to the Vancouver short program with Kim, Asada, Ando, Nagasu, Flatt making the final group and then if the good Kostner wants to show up, she's definitely in. If Lepisto can land her 3/3, then I also suspect she might be ahead of the Americans and in it for a medal. I expect Sebestyen and Suzuki to make their typical one error and finding themselves still in or right outside the top 10. If Korpi skates clean she can also be near the final group, or in it with mistakes by others. Leonova would probably end up about 9th or 10th with a completely clean skate in a well-skated event, so she would be hoping for errors from several others. Gedevanishvili is the wildcard. She'll probably either go clean or completely bomb.

To me, ladies skating, at least the top group of ladies, has been clearly established all season long. There's room for a surprise or two such as Meier or Makarova, but there's no real shock for me anymore with any of them. And I used to like the ladies discipline the best, by far!

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