Thursday, March 25 Hi Tony, just dropping by to let you know how much I appreciate your blogging of the World's event! (I live in Canada and CBC only shows the final flights and the Canadian skaters.) Any predictions on the podium placement for the men's event?

I'm gonna go for Chan, Joubert, and Takahashi. Just a feeling.


Wicked said...

In that order?

Covergirl said...

I hope you're right..
Redemption for Joubert would be nice... put all that stuff about the quad behind him.
He spoke on Canadian TV last night and said he was shell shocked after the Olympics, and has had a rethink about his whole attitude to the sport.
He said he wanted to be 'nice' and go back to how he was 'before'.
I think he meant before the trash talks with Buttle and Chan about the quad.
I'd not seen him so humble in years... it made for a very pleasant change.

Tony said...

Yup, in that order. I have just had this feeling about Chan since before the competition, and I'll stick to it. He's not even my favorite vs. other skaters in the group, but I just think it's his. Joubert looks like he has a fire in him and I also really want him to deliver. Takahashi is probably my favorite of the three but I just don't think he will hold on, even though I'd LOVE for him to.

Covergirl said...

Just to let you know btw
if you don't have BOLD which is where CBC is showing the full comps in Canada.. you can go to the CBC website and they are live streaming all of the skating from start to finish. Plus.. if you miss it you can go back and replay the whole thing for about 2 weeks afterwards..
Covergirl xx

Anonymous said...

Hi Covergirl, I'm the one who origianlly asked the question. Thanks so much for letting me know about the live streaming! Just watched it on the CBC website now~

Covergirl said...

I'm glad you found it... that's fantastic.