Friday, March 26 How can the ISU make Pairs watchable again?

I don't think pairs skating is horrible, but I understand what you mean. To me, the short programs in ladies and pairs are so boring because everyone is attempting the same exact things. For the ladies, it's the spiral sequence and a lot of the spins. For the pairs, it's the death spiral with the ugly holding of the blade, etc. The originality and the time that they used to have for in-betweens and presentation is really almost gone due to the time it takes to do all of the elements. Footwork sequences went from maybe 10 max in most cases to about 30 seconds because of all of the content you have to put in them to score higher levels.

Okay, I got a bit off topic. I honestly have no idea how to make it watchable again. Maybe remove the rotating between the footwork and spirals and keep it at 7 elements for the short.. the footwork is used to show each skaters strength as an individual, but with the time they save from not doing it, they can pack their programs with more transitions and choreography-- maybe making them stand about a bit.

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