Thursday, March 25

How I Scored the Men in the Free Skate

Oh, how I can feel the hate mail coming with this one. I plugged in all of my GOE's that I did throughout the mens free skate for the top 10 overall, and then added my own grades of execution from having viewed the programs just the one time. I had no idea how it was going to end up, and I even surprised myself honestly.

1. Daisuke Takahashi 160.10
2. Patrick Chan 159.30
3. Jeremy Abbott 154.95
4. Adam Rippon 153.96
5. Michal Brezina 150.91
6. Brian Joubert 143.04
7. Adrian Schultheiss 141.41
8. Samuel Contesti 135.54
9. Takahiko Kozuka 134.03
10. Kevin Van der Perren 131.48

More later including the specifics. But ask away or complain away or praise away for these results I came up with. :-) Also, while coming up with these results, I came up with a theory about why some skaters components stay high even though they clearly don't excel in one or two areas.. I'll get into more of that later, as well. But this system just isn't working.


Anonymous said...

This is going to be asked a lot: PATRICK CHAN = PLEASE EXPLAIN HIS SCORE

Anonymous said...

So interesting. Count on your specifics.
I didn't watched FreeSkating yet, gotta wait for youtube up...

Anonymous said...

I see you did not agree with Joubert's PCS... Me either!

Interesting to see Brezina so low, too. Adam and Jeremy were close in the TES, so I'm curious as to why Jeremy is ahead. Can't wait to see your article!

Covergirl said...

I'd have put Rippon above Abbott too..
As far as Chan goes.. Lori Nichol was talking to Canadian TV last week.. and she discussed a tiny section of Chan choreography... the transition that leads up to his triple double double combination.
Now I know she is his coach.. so there is a natural bias.. but since she choreographed 2 gold medal winning routines at Vancouver [Shen & Zhao and Lysechek] I think she's qualified to speak with authority on what is difficult and score worthy... and she described his work as 'beyond difficult'.
The judges can clearly appreciate what the average viewer cannot, and that's where the scoring comes from.
He doesn't spend ONE second on the ice not doing something.. and all that stuff scores points in the new system.
I've watched Jouberts short and free back 3 times. In the free, he spends 32 seconds of the first 90, doing NOTHING. Just skate over skate, preparing for the jumps. That's 10% of his entire programme.. doing NOTHING !!
In the short its worse because its 20%.
I'm just using his programmes as an example.. but transitions get you points... It's not rocket science and yet most of the 'jumpers' make the same mistake...
The ISU via the judges have made their feelings quite clear on this subject..
Just ask Plushenko.

Anonymous said...

I've decided Chan, and to a lesser extent Abbott when he is not on (:( a lot), are actually just a different breed of technical skater. Edges instead of jumps.

I was interested by Johnny Weir's criticisms of Chan's eyes, hands, feet and performance quality. I don't think transitions = artistry (though they are a part of it, and I can see how people would have gotten that idea from past skaters like Robin Cousins).