Wednesday, March 24

I Bet You Didn't See This One Coming..

Not to drag on about Nobunari Oda's disastrous short program from earlier today, but when has someone that was considered not only a medal favorite but a possible gold medal challenger not even qualified for the free skate? When Lu Chen didn't qualify for the free skate at the 1997 World Championships, she had a lot of different issues going on in the season that led up to the event. Oda, on the other hand, had a good warm-up just minutes before his performance and was on fire early in the season throughout the Grand Prix. Is this possibly the biggest meltdown by a top competitor EVER? He ended in 28th place.

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Anonymous said...

That was just painful to watch. My heart was breaking. I wanted him to give the emergency open-the-door sign to his coach & skate right off the ice mid-program. Poor, poor Oda.