Saturday, March 27 I have a question about Kevin Van Der Perren. On eurosport they said that Van Der Perren is the first to do the 4-3-3 combo The Belgian press picked up this story and turned it into "the best performance ever considering jumps" But is he really the first?

Evgeny Plushenko has done a quad toe/triple toe/triple loop before, but I think that Kevin is the first to do a quad toe/triple toe/triple TOE. As far as the best performance ever considering the jumos, I don't know about that/ I'd imagine skates like Takahashi's record-holding Four Continents Chamoionship free skate and Joubert's three-quad Cup of Russia were also great performances jump-wise, but then again I don't particularly know what the Belgian press meant when they said that..


Sarah Gorissen said...

Well, the Belgian press meant that Van Der Perren did something really amazing and that he was "only 8th" because the judges think the artistic component is more important than the technical component. (the Belgian press really believes that he should have won a medal!)
I'm Belgian and I think that there is no one in Belgium who really understands figure skating: jumps aren't everything.
Even Van Der Perren thinks that the only thing that matters are the jumps: he said in Vancouver that he didn't understand that he only scored 4 points more than Joubert in the short program, who messed up almost every jump.

Tony said...

I think Van der Perren was quite lucky with the components scores he got, honestly. His program, as far as the top 15-ranked free skates go, was among if not the most void of transitions and actual choreography rather than setting up for jumps on one side of the rink and doing them on the other. No difficult steps or turns, a lot of two-foot skating, etc. He really has regressed so much since he first came on to the scene and half the time I think he improvises his jumps anyways, which I guess you can do easily when you don't have any choreography to worry about.