Tuesday, March 16

Formspring.me: i saw 6 korean skaters in the top 200 rankings for ladies, r the koreans a legit threat to compete with japan?

Well, let's see. Kim is obviously ranked first, and then you have Koreans at 43rd, 62nd, 70th, 109th, and 116th, like you said.

The only other skater I think that in the next few years has a chance to work their way up is the other Worlds entry, Min-Jung Kwak. She's only 16 and needs a little work on the basic skating, but is already managing scores of 100+ in the free skate. Na-Young Kim had an impressive showing at Four Continents in 2008, but hasn't really done much since, and she's already 19. Seems young, but I think she would have already made big progress if she was going to.

Of course, there is always the option of someone coming out of nowhere to really shake up the top of the standings in the next few years, but I look more to Russia or Japan as far as that is concerned. The Korean representative at the World Junior Championships only managed 37th place, even though it was her first international competition.

South Korea is once again close to earning the 2018 Winter Olympic Games, so I'd be looking more towards the next cycle of four years (2014-2018) rather than the upcoming one.

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