Monday, March 15

If I Were a Judge... World Junior Championships Ladies Short Program

I've always loved to score programs myself and see how far off I was from the judges. The first set of programs for my blog were the top three ladies short programs from the 2010 World Junior Championships. I used the levels assigned and downgrades, etc. as determined by the technical panel at this link, and then gave my own grades of execution and components scores. For reference, here are the actual results of the top three.

My results:
1. Anna Ovcharova 60.50; TES- 36.90 PCS- 23.60
2. Polina Agafonova 56.70; TES- 33.50 PCS- 23.20
3. Kanako Murakami 55.00; TES- 32.20 PCS- 22.80

Watch the videos and judge for yourself, courtesy of YouTube users MaDDaMforum, and QuadSurya via




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