Saturday, March 27 if kim yuna does retire this year (i hope she doesnt), will she go down in history as one of the best ladies figure skaters?

I definitely think so. She's been on the Worlds podium every year she's competed (the last four), and has an Olympic gold medal to her name. That's a better result sheet than Arakawa, Hughes, Lipinski, Baiul, or Yagauchi had. And of course, an Olympic champion doesn't mean you were one of the best ladies figure skaters (Hughes...), but that's just as a comparison. I'd put her behind Kwan and Slutskaya for now, the latter because of the way she was really able to stay or near the top of the sport for 10 years, in both 6.0 and IJS. If Yu-Na sticks around another four years and continues to push the envelope as well as stay at the top of the sport, she may very well be the best ever. She's not far from it, and definitely capable.


Tony said...

And by the way, when I mention Kwan and Slutskaya, I mean in the last 15 years or so. I started following skating in 1994 so anything prior would just be me basing it off of what I've seen on YouTube or read about.

Anonymous said...

I think this Worlds may have taken the sheen off her a little,(she seriously needs a vacation!!) but I've never seen anyone skate like she does when she is on. She pushes the envelope.I want to see more of her.

I agree, she is one of the best..and if she stays competitive, could be best ever.
Please don't quit Yuna!

Anonymous said...

The greats said she is one of them.

She is one of them.

And I want to see more of her. Please, no retire talk.