Friday, March 26 Is it just me or does it seem like the ISU set a compulsory piece of music this year.. 'cos the last 3 couples have all used it. What do you think?

I was talking to my friend about that. When you have all the choices in the world, I really want to know how any team would choose that. It's not original, and while it might be a "safe" choice, the versions they used weren't anything special in my opinion. Between that and the attempt at the Pussycat Dolls.. I don't know what was worse.


Covergirl said...

The one credit I would give the Hungarians Tony is that at the Olympics, [which I was lucky enough to attend] their music actually brought the crowd alive..
Believe me we'd had an hour and a half of over wrought death drops to savage 'music to cut your wrists to'..
They were a bloody relief.
Shame they aren't better skaters... althought they were both world junior medalists... just not with each other.. so maybe they'll improve with experience together.

Tony said...

I think he's definitely gone downhill with her. Where did all that weight come from, by the way?

Covergirl said...

I don't know.. he can't be eating better in Hungary than he did in the US can he?? less access to Mackie D's for a start. ;o)