Friday, March 26

Ladies Short Program Live Blogging Sixth Group - Joined in Progress

Well, there's snow on the ground here in Ohio so my presence on the patio at my place of employment most certainly isn't needed. Which means I'm here for part of the sixth warm-up group and throughout the end of the day. You know you love it. I joined with Kwak on the ice, so the first skater I'll be commenting on is Glebova.

Kwak is crying so I suspect that she didn't do too well. Brian Orser with her. I missed the replays, too. Wow, I'm off to a good start today. She's still crying.

27.30/21.16 -1.00 = 47.46.. 4th place. That's not even a completely disastrous score!

Elena Glebova from Estonia, at the boards with coach Anna Levandi, a skater with complete programs back in the day of completely mismatched music. East of Eden is the music. Hello, Michelle Kwan. Her stroking is very deliberate and sometimes bouncy... triple toe/triple toe.. took her time and the result was gorgeous jumping +1.. change edge held spiral and lets go and holds it around the corner, spiral with foot held in front of her... well done.. +1.. triple Salchow again good but with a small pause after the steps.. 0.. and OF COURSE a single Axel.. -3.. flying sit travels at the start into a donut and twist variation that slows, but it was fast... 0.. she senses the music through the footwork.. I think it's one of tthe greatest pieces ever.. footwork is okay.. 0.. camel/sit with variation/upright/change/layback not the greatest on any position.. 0.. sideways to layback and catchfoot.. again just okay with the final position.. 0. She looks happy but come on, do a triple/triple and no double Axel? There's always just that one thing with her. Takes a while to bow. The double Axel, by the way, doesn't have good technique at all. Very Lipinski in the way she just throws herself right off the ice with her arms rather than lifting and swinging the free leg forward. But she presents herself well. No question in the replay about the triple/triple-- nice rotation.

Score: Levandi always looks happy with her. Maybe she needs to be more stern. 26.32/21.40 = 47.72.. hmm.. that seems low. She's in 4th. I wonder if they downgraded something. All of the elements she did were basically average besides the combo, though.

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