Friday, March 26

Link to My Mens Free Skate Scores

Here's the link

Let me know if you can open this.

Then you can compare it to the judges scores by going here.

I forgot to add an element for Samuel Contesti in my original post, and with the element it puts him in front of Takahiko Kozuka. I have also edited the original post to reflect my corrected scores.

As always, feel free to share your thoughts!


Anonymous said...

I could open your scores without Google info. They're interesting. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I think I agree for the most part, although I wouldn't have Jeremy's PCS quite so high for choreo and transitions. I guess it's not quite right to compare it to nationals, but I felt like a lot of his transitions and choreo wasn't there. Usually, this program has a wonderful circular quality for me due to the transitions, and tonight they didn't seem to be there.

Van der Perren got what he deserved, although I still think you are being generous, giving Joubert an 8 on skating skills, compared to say Kozuka or Rippon.

Glad to see Chan and Takahashi the class of the field for most PCS scores, but everyone else's who deserved it high enough to make it seem less egregious.

Anonymous said...

Takahashi's PCS should be much higher than Chan's. His SS are much better, and the choreography, Takahashi's presentation and interpretation are gorgeous! Chan's performance is not inspired at all. There's no expression in his performance.