Thursday, March 11

More on the Chinese Three Team Debacle

As I posted yesterday, the Chinese Federation sent three pairs teams to compete at the World Junior Championships, but under ISU rules, they were only allowed to enter two teams. Read here if you want to be completely caught up.

Today, George Rossano from Ice Skating International Online lets me know that when his colleague Alexandra Stevenson (who is attending the event) asked this question around the arena, no one was able to give an answer because it was new news to everyone!

May we see a disqualification to one of the Chinese teams? Probably unlikely, as the ISU would assume the final responsibility of making sure everything was accurate. I'm so intrigued to see if they even address the issue during these Championships.

EDIT 3:10PM: Rossano addresses the issue on his website. Peter Krick, as ISU Figure Skating Sport Director, should be held responsible for the situation but no one is speaking.. yet.

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