Wednesday, March 10

More Ranting on the 2010 Season Rules

Back to complaining about rule 579.4b, where the first free skate/free dance group of skaters in the major ISU Championships does their thing, and then there is a completely pointless break between that and the second warm-up. This is what is happening right now at the Junior World Championships. Teams placed 13-16 in the pairs short program have already completed their free skates, and now there was around a 35 minute break before teams placed 9-12 took the ice for the warm-up. The ONLY thing that this rule changes causes is an additional ice resurfacing (one after the first warm-up group and one after the third warm-up group, instead of the former just one resurfacing between groups two and three). There's no point in this tactic, but Communication 1562 seems to think that it somehow is "cost saving for ISU events".

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