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Night Two of Thin Ice on ABC Live Blog Updates

First off, I asked readers which team they thought had won night one of the competition. Arakawa and Lambiel won the poll, with 41% of the vote. Bourne and Zimmerman were second with 28%, and my personal favorites from the first night (surprisingly, at that!), Dubreuil and Weiss, were third with 15% of the vote.

Introduction fluff with summary from Friday night. Elisabeth Hasselbeck introduction again.. Dubreuil and Weiss again with a backflip by him.. Arakawa and Lambiel.. she looks great again.. he looks a lot better in this costume than Friday night... side by side flying sit spins.. Sale and Lauzon.. he lifts her.. Berezhnaya in pig-tails and Pelletier also with an overhead lift... Bourne and Zimmerman same backbend lunge move they showed in the first program. Same cheesy stuff so far, but it'll get better.

Judges introductions.. Katarina Witt.. Dick Button.. Kristi Yamaguchi.. they all look great again. Witt has worn jeans both nights while Yamaguchi goes for the dresses. Intro of Kurt Browning and does "tripping" footwork around Hasselbeck. Now he talks about the votes short of breath, of course.

Shizuka and Stephane won the home viewers vote, yet were 4th by the judges.

Current overall standings:
1. Marie-France and Michael
2T. Shizuka and Stephane
2T. Shae-Lynn and John
I missed 4th and 5th place, but I suppose Jamie and Patrice stayed ahead of Elena and David.

On the line $220,000.

Yep, Elena and David are still last.. fluff on how Steven Cousins is their choreographer, David's best friend, AND Elena's boyfriend. More fluff about who is the boss between Steven and Elena. Oh, how cute...

Cowboy Casanova by Carrie Underwood. Nice overhead lift with a twist-out exit.. Russian-type pairs spin with her in a camel and he with his leg over her. Moving pretty slow once again tonight but they are having a lot more fun. David kinda looks like Steven Cousins in a way. Bow and arrow into another overhead lift... he spins around with her upside down and her legs in the splits level with his head.. it looked extremely rough getting into the position.. but it's more about the performance than precision.

Kristi... a lot of personality.. a lot of fun.. Katarina.. when I think of this song, I think of David as "skating Casanova".. David I wonder if you were thinking about choreography? Dick.. Elena, beware of him. Something about the lyrics relating to David. Oh, Dick..

Kristi.. 8 Katarina.. 8 Dick.. 8

Better than Friday, I thought. As long as we're sharing, we're happy, whether it's the gold medal or last place says David. Talk of Elena's 9-month old baby.

This theme song for the event is a little weird, no?

Patrick and Jamie fluff of her getting a massage and giggling. She says she never considered herself in the sexy category.. was a tomboy. Patrice says she's a really tough girl, and she could totally kick his ass. Still more of her during the massage and she says that he's a great partner-- she says what to do and he listens.

Hey Soul Sister by Train. Audience getting into the music already. Really smooth skating from both. He lifts her and plunges down into a low position. Another lift where he spins her all over the place... Spin where he holds her by the blade and she extends her free leg.. nice. Another set of lifts that are too hard to describe in real time... Dance spin of types and he lifts her again. They had nice chemistry and the choreography was really good I thought.

Kristi.. even though Jamie may wear the pants in the team, very impressive for an ice dance Patrice.. enjoyed the whole time. Katarina.. compliment each other on the ice... Jamie you probably had a lot to do with the choreography Im sure. Dick.. Patrice, you really stepped up out of your comfort zone-- did wonderful pair moves throughout.. all skaters can come together and make great entertainment.. Jamie always a delight to see.

Kristi: 9 Katarina: 9 Dick: 9

Elisabeth.. Patrice who were you more afraid of judges or Jamie? He says Jamie. Jamie gets energy from loving life and skating.

Bourne and Zimmerman.. David Wilson fluff, has choreographed for everyone.. including Yu-na Kim. Poker Face is their music. They do research by going to the casino. Makes perfect sense. Cheesy.

More backwards lunging by him and she skates over and past him. Lots of posing... but I guess it is about a Poker Face after all. He in a broken spread eagle lifting her and then some dancing and posing in place.. Shae pulls a card out of who knows where.. overhead lift.. she changes position. More standing in place. She looks like she's more into him and he seems like he's just going through the motions or playing more to the audience. Single Axel jumps from both.. hydroblading variation by her and another spread eagle for him. It was okay. I liked Jamie & Patrice more.

Kristi... shout out to David Wilson.. so ambitious to interpret Lady Gaga.. absolutely bought the vibe, a lot of fun, one of the coolest things on ice.. Kristi... you cannot hide that you're a sexy couple on the ice.. John thanks for remembering you're a great pairs skater. Dick.. it was a sexy program, strong partnering, great detail. Took pop club beat and did your own thing with it-- pierced the mystique of Lady Gaga.. gave it it's wow.

Kristi.. 10 Katarina.. 10 Dick.. 10

Well hmph. It wasn't bad but I dunno..

Elisabeth.. how lucky are you feeling John? Like I got a royal flush. Was it strategic to add the lift? Yes, we just added it today, did our research at the poker tables.. seems like it was worth it.

Arakawa and Lambiel fluff. Hi-Hat fluff.. shows her previous and current clients. I'm actually really looking forward to this program. Clips of them practicing the choreography off the ice. Lambiel says working with her was tough... no break in the routine.. she's so tough.

Get Me Bodied by Beyonce. They are of course both great with the way they work their blades. side by side triple toe loops gorgeous. Lots of standing in place with some cool choreography. side by side combo spins.. Arakawa into a donut position and Lambiel into a million different positions. Show-off! Just kidding. Another set of sit spins and Arakawa up to a Y-spin. Footwork side by side for a few seconds. Both did jumps that I didn't see, Lambiel stepped out of his. That was better than Friday night but eh.. I dunno.

Kristi.. Shizuka.. I'm so proud of you, you were working it, Stephane you too. Both single skaters conquered skating as two. Katarina.. congrats on challenge of teaming up. Both known for elegance and style.. executed the hip! Dick.. something about what Katarina said earlier to him. When they got into the hip-hop dance movements, it was sensational. Disjointed though, more relationship during the single moments, please. Dick says boo all you want, I know more than you do!

Kristi: 9 Katarina: 8 Dick: 8

Elisabeth.. maybe the toughest job of two skaters skating as one. Stephane says he has the best partner, she never complains.. he's a lucky guy. Shizuka says they enjoy each other.

Dubreuil and Weiss fluff. Off-ice choreography clips.. program choreographed by Mark Ballas of Dancing With the Stars. Ballas talks about dancing with Yamaguchi, and winning, on the show. Story of businessman working too much and Dubreuil is fed up. Something like that.

Broken Strings by James Morrison and Nelly Furtado. First, I love this song and I'm glad it's getting some air-time. He does a scratch spin with the briefcase prop in his hands to start. They look good in the costumes they chose tonight.  rotational lift  and Weiss goes into a triple flip while Dubreuil sits on the ice. He lifts her and some choreography in place. His crossovers look worse than his competitive days while hers look gorgeous. He does a backflip right over her doing a lunge move on the ice-- that was actually pretty cool how they pulled that off. Better program the first night but I think they should win overall.

Kristi.. Mark Ballas you never cease to amaze me. Completely drawn into the choreography and the story.. just beautiful. Katarina.. Kristi, you're so romantic. Michael, amazed how much you adapt to pairs skating but reminded of it by triple flip. Marie-France, don't portray desperate housewife. Dick.. definition of artist.. someone who continues to grow.. one performance after another. Michael, you're an artist-- continued to grow for a long time. Marie-France, anyone who picks up their briefcase and goes to work over choosing you is crazy, or something like that.

Kristi: 10 Katarina: 10 Dick: 10

Did pressure get up for you guys with other scores? Marie-France, it was to make Mark proud. Michael did you know the jump over her head with the blades was going to get a 10? Such a challenge to relate with someone else to tell a story with someone else than just by myself.

Audience live voting going on. If Shizuka and Stephane somehow end up winning, I don't know what I'll think of this except that it is indeed a "less-than-cheesefest". I would rank them Sale/Lauzon, maybe a tie between Dubreuil/Weiss and Bourne/Zimmerman, Arakawa/Lambiel, and then Berezhnaya/Pelletier based on tonights performances.

Elisabeth awkward about talking to the judges again. Blah... Kristi says great audience is involved and it's great for skating. Katarina likes the concept too.. Dick.. it levels everyone and makes them learn a new technique-- and a new performance level. He really likes the format.

$220,000 at stake.. mentioning again. Something about how the "home" audience vote didn't count due to technical difficulties? WTF does that mean?

5th place: $30,000 Elena and David
4th place: $35,000 Jamie and Patrice -- robbed I think. She looks just THRILLED. Not.
3rd place: $45,000 Shizuka and Stephane
WINNER: Marie-France and Michael... Michael with a pretty cheesy smile about the win at first. Somewhat like he expected that?! $60,000 to them, $50,000 to Shae and John.

Well, it's over. Much more exciting stuff to come in the middle of the morning on Tuesday with the always riveting ice dance compulsory dances from the World Championships!

The winners will be on The View with Elisabeth and company tomorrow morning if you haven't had enough.

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