Wednesday, March 24

Piseev Out in Russia

From Reuters, Russian figure skating chief Valentin Piseev will step down from his position in June, in part probably having to do with the poor showing in general by athletes at the Olympic Games. Interestingly, Evgeny Plushenko is supporting 2002 Olympic Champion Anton Sikharulidze to replace Piseev.

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Anonymous said...

In regards to that, and having seen this:

Or rather (since I'm neither Russian, nor do I understand it), having read the translation some kind soul had provided in the comments - I wonder what you know of what is going on with Russian figure skating, and what your thoughts on that situation is?

Also, I wonder if you know anything about Plushenko's future plans? I know you are not a fan, but I am (a dye-in-the-wool die-hard fan at that, and proud of it:)), and I'm wondering if he means to go on competing, or if he intends only to return for Sochi. I have read that he is thinking of giving up politics, and of concentrating solely on sport, since he thinks Russian figure skating is in dire straits - but in what manner will he do so? I know I should probably have used your "Ask Me Anything"-feature - and I tried, but sadly, I'm just too longwinded.:)

Anyway, thanks for this wonderful blog, and the Youtube clips - I think our tastes in figure skating are probably very dissimilar, but I find your thoughts interesting and thought-provoking, even when I don't agree with them. You obviously know what you are talking about and love the sport. So thank you again.:)


PS. I'm sorry for being so longwinded.:)