Monday, March 15

Plushenko Plans to Skate in 2014

According to this USA Today article, three-time Olympic medalist and 2006 Champion Evgeny Plushenko of Russia wants to skate at the 2014 Sochi Games, in his home country. He will be 31 years old.

Crazy or realistic?
First off, who is really honestly surprised by this talk? He barely lost out on a second Olympic title last month (if you live under a rock and somehow haven't heard), and that came after three years of doing show skating and not training the most difficult jumps or element-filled competitive programs. When I first heard about the comeback last year, I was worried that it would fizzle off and he would decide after an early-season competition that he had just taken too much time away from the competitive scene to really be a contender. But he somehow got it back together and was very reliable with his quad toe loop and triple Axel jumps in the end. I don't think that another three year break just to show up in the Grand Prix series of the 2013/14 season would be a wise decision for him or his body (he's been doing quadruple jumps for nearly half of his life!), but he knew he was capable of getting it back together for Vancouver, so why not do it again?

Of course, this isn't to say that right now the plan seems great (revenge..?) and in three years he and his body will have the same motivation, but I really do have a feeling he will stick to it and once again be right in contention in Sochi. I don't see any Russian senior or junior man that is really pushing to get to the top of the world any time soon, so once again-- why not? As long as he doesn't complain as much next time for not seeming to understand how the new judging system benefits well-roundedness rather than a single jump element :)

Oh, and let's see how next weeks Torino World Championships fare for him. He last won the title in 2004.

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