Friday, March 19

Poll Results Pertaining to Thin Ice

Two polls that I had up leading up to tonight's Thin Ice closed today.

The first asked which teams you think will win the competition, which concludes Sunday night. 45% of readers think that Shizuka Arakawa and Stephane Lambiel will win. Lambiel just turned pro after the Vancouver Olympics, and as well all know, Arakawa won the Olympics in 2006. Second place went to Shae-Lynn Bourne and John Zimmerman with 25% of the vote, and right behind them were the interesting match-up of Elena Berezhnaya and David Pelletier with 22%. If you are a new skating fan or live in a dark hole and don't know why that particular team is "interesting", look up the results of the 2002 Olympic pairs competition :-)

The second question asked whether it was fair of the ISU to extend their rules to allow Joannie Rochette skate an exhibition at the competition as a tribute to her late mother. 70% said yes it was fair, even though she withdrew from the World Championships which start on Monday.

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