Wednesday, March 24

Program Components: Does Skate Order Matter? Clearly, today says it does.

I did an interview with an Olympic judge who said it sure does, and then I had three replies from former ISU officials who agreed with that.

Looking at the mens short program results from the World Championships, you notice that the twelve final skaters of the night (who skated as those twelve because of their ISU rankings), earned the twelve highest total components scores in the field. Aside from Canadian Kevin Reynolds who scored just below the group, the rest of the skaters in the "later" session alone were a good four or five points off of the totals. Is that indicative of what the five components are looking for?

Well, I most certainly would say no, and I'd challenge anyone to explain how someone like Florent Amodio scores 3.60 points lower on the components than, for example, Kevin Van der Perren... hmm.. start order? That is just one case. Trust me-- there's a lot more.

I'm all kinds of fired up with the way the competition was scored, and that is just from a components view. I'll wait for the protocols to come out before I starting harping about the total elements scores. There's even problems within the final twelve skaters' scoring, in my opinion, and maybe I'll get around to writing about all of that once my head stops spinning.

Your thoughts?

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