Sunday, March 14

Ryan Bradley Will Skate at World Championships

Questions have surrounded American skater Ryan Bradley and whether he had obtained a serious enough foot injury to take him out of the upcoming World Championships. Bradley was the first alternate on the United States team, and was assigned to the event when Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek withdrew. However, a post by Ryan on Twitter at 6:05 PM states, "I will see you all in Turin ;)" That pretty much answers the question, no?


Tonichelle said...

do you have any idea how happy my heart is to hear that news? <3

btw, thanks for starting this blog, Tony. 'Tis great...

though the color scheme is a bit bland ;)

Tony said...

Thanks! It's a work in progress. I really just wanted to get the Patrick Ibens interview up to a good blog, but then decided why not just start my own info and thoughts site? It'll look better soon, I promise :-)