Wednesday, March 24 So, you really think Takahashi got lucky and Chan should be on top? So, what is your prediction for tomorrow's free skating? Anyway, this is really a great "live" blog (with your excellent comments), since there is no live TV feed in Singapore.

I'm really happy to hear comments like this one!

I am a HUGE fan of Takahashi's, but I felt like there was something missing today with him. Yes, people might feel like Chan just goes through the motions, but his skating skills are not almost .50 lower, as the judges marked it. They even had Chan just slightly lower on transitions-- something I also don't agree with.

Until I actually sit down and score the programs with the element levels and edge calls as the technical panel called it, I can't really say too much. But I do think Takahashi, Brezina, Contesti, and Van der Perren were really lucky today while Abbott, Rippon, Ten, and Amodio weren't so lucky.

Who knows, I might plug my scores in and agree with the judges. But that is doubtful ;-)

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