Thursday, March 18

Source: Duhamel Forms New Partnership; Buntin Retires

According to a Canadian skating source, the pairs team of Meagan Duhamel and Craig Buntin have gone their separate ways. The team was an impressive sixth place in the 2008 World Championships after less than a season of skating together, but fell to third in Canada this season and became first alternates to the Vancouver Olympic Games.

Buntin's plan from the beginning of the partnership was to retire from the sport after this season, and he will do so. Duhamel, on the other hand, will continue as a pairs skater with new partner Eric Radford. He and partner Anne-Marie Giroux finished eighth place at the 2010 Canadian Nationals in their first year of skating together.

Duhamel was the 2003 Canadian ladies junior champion, while Radford won the junior mens title a year later.

More details will eventually follow on Skate Canada's website.

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