Friday, March 12

Still No Answer on Chinese Pairs Controversy

Yup-- still nothing from Peter Krick or anyone else from the ISU on the matter of three Chinese pairs competing at the current World Junior Championships, when the rules clearly state that the country only earned two pairs entries.

A good point that was brought up by a skating friend was the case of the 13th ranked pair, Juliana Gurdzhi and Alxander Voeller from Germany. The top 12 pairs receive prize money from the ISU, as you can see in this article published as a preview for the event. The 13th place team, however, earns no money for their efforts-- so it goes from $1,500/US to nothing, quite a difference.

It is unlikely any of the Chinese teams will be disqualified for the extra entry, but at the very least, the German team should be awarded an aditional $1,500 for the ISU's mistake.

If there is no official release attempting to explain the matter by the ISU, I may very well go a little bit crazy. Then again, maybe they are waiting to make any kind of statement until after the World Junior Championships are completed. The last phase of the competition, the ladies free skate, is tomorrow. We will see...

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Tingting said...

Anybody ever complained BEFORE the competetion??