Friday, March 26 There's some folks out there that believe that Yu-na can still win it all with a fantastic FS. In the Olympics she won the FS by 18 points (and 23 overall), so the math could work. What's your take?

Definitely possible. It'll be harder to do as she skates in the second to last group. We see how skate order has affected other skaters in the competition, and while I don't think it'll hurt her too much, I think the scores will be in such a way that it still gives a clean Asada or maybe even Nagasu with her 10-point lead a chance if they can really deliver the skate of their lives. That is, if Yu-Na is completely on. A mistake or two and she's going to probably be fighting to even be on the podium.

This is exactly what ladies skating needs right now, though, especially in the United States. Even if Nagasu doesn't stay first, it's going to create a lot of news in the next 24 hours before the free skate, and then on top of that I suspect there will be huge movement throughout the long program, starting in the very first group. Should be exciting!

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Covergirl said...

Could well prove to be the most exciting event of the whole championships.
Let's just hope that when the dust settles it hasn't all settled back where it was expected to all along.
That would be really disappointing.