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Thin Ice Broadcast Comments

Thin Ice thoughts from the ABC broadcast. Elisabeth Hasselbeck.

Skater introductions. Bourne looks overly happy, and Sale has a really big (fake) smile. Blah. Opening moves for each team... some lifts and spins and Weiss throws in a backflip.

Judges- Witt, Button, Yamaguchi. They all look good. Kurt Browning introuced as co-host, does a step sequence and double Axel with a microphone in his hand. Somewhat impressive, no?

Bourne and Zimmerman skate first. Introduction video. Closer by Ne-Yo.. She's an ice dancer so obviously no jumps in this program. Some side by side moves into a lift and some more posing moves.. Yamaguchi likes them.. says they engaged their bodies into the performance.. Witt says she loves when promises are kept.. a sassy couple. Great skating, cool choreography. Button says they entertained-- they are two sexy people. Shae-Lynn you caress the ice.

Kristi: 9 Katarina: 9 Dick: 9

Shae says John is amazing and it's been such a treat to skate with him. I think she wants to do more than skate with him, but then again that seems to be her personality all the time.

Back from commercial. Berezhnaya and Pelletier. Story about 2002 SLC scandal, we all know the story well by now. Both say they deserve the gold more.. bla bla. I'm sure there's some honesty to their joking answers. "Like a bitch I would know" as he lifts her into a split move above his head, how funny. More posing and dancing in place.. seems it will be a trend tonight. Overhead two-handed lift to death spiral where he lifts her by the arm off the ice. Some cutesy moves. Another pairs lift that goes to one hand.. pretty nice.

Kristi.. I'm still getting over the fact seeing you two as a pair.. charming thing was how much fun you were genuinely having... let loose a little bit more though! Katarina.. get rid of this "doing"... no wonder you both won the gold medals... agrees that there needs to be more chemistry. Loved the joy in your faces and smiling throughout the program. Dick.. cut through the quick. Two shall skate as one-- entertain us. Entertained us with pairs skating lifts but it I've been around long enough that I don't give a rusty hoot what you think-- very elegant with pair lifts but not a performance where you two were entertaining us.

Kristi: 7 Katarina: 7 Dick: 8

Berezhnaya.. sharing the ice is more fun than sharing the drama. Pelletier.. controversy always been a part of our lives.

Sale and Lauzon.. both been skating with their real partners for a long time. Blah blah. Both teams have competitiveness with their real partners. Sexy Chick by David Guetta... really called Sexy Bitch if you didn't know. Cool lifts and then a Detroiter with two hands... still impressive. More posing and trying to be sexy. Also more gliding and doing moves with the arms. Seems to be the trend. I liked that program.

Kristi.. you guys had a unique way of melding pairs and ice dancing.. you have a great look on the ice, let it come out a little bit more.. Katarina.. Jamie to watch you out there, this partner switch on the ice really suits you well, one rule in life: man needs to make his woman shine, thanks Patrice for doing that. Dick.. name of that music is "Sexy Chick" and that works.. it's exactly right. It was a heck of a good performance.

Kristi: 8 Katarina: 9 Dick: 9

Ahead of David.. Jamie says that's how it should be. Patrice.. this is fun.. spicing up the story.

Fluff on Rochette skating her tribute exhibition to her mother later in the broadcast.

Arakawa and Lambiel. Fluff.. Stephane talks about first landing quad.. was by himself at the rink and wished his mom could have seen. Arakawa said she wants to try to do pairs skating but Japanese men are too short. He calls her a diva and she gets flustered. Kinda cute. Asked if somethings going on between them.. I think not!!! "Magic Touch" by Robin Thicke. She looks great. She does spiral and he does a slide fall.. both do splits.. they are skating far apart so Arakawa is the only one shown for a while.. does Ina Bauer into 3-jump combo. Lambiel tries quad.. and is pretty close. Lots of singles moves but it's a very disjointed program ... they are both definitely doing their own thing than a lot of skating together. Lambiel does a never-ending combo spin at the end while Arakawa skates around him. Lots of flashy moves but they really didn't skate as a pair.

Kristi... made the most of showcasing extremely strong singles skills.. Shizuka you have some moves! Katarina.. you have great skills, yes, but you need to skate more as a pair. Shizuka be a diva, you're Olympic Champion! Dick.. look this music is pop with an r and b soul.. wonderful and I loved it. Even when you're apart, the splits related to each other. Get it together, make it more of a pair.

Kristi: 8 Kararina: 8 Dick: 8

Stephane.. happy to land a quad in a skating show because that's rare..

Dubreuil and Weiss.. Michael says he was really excited to work with Fatima, the choreographer of their programs. Fluff of them learning the choreographer. "Meet Me Halfway" by Black Eyed Peas.. His hair looks like mine. Is it a surprise I like it? I like this program, too! They are focusing on performing for the audience and not really relating to each other, though. He does a cartwheel-type lift with her on his shoulders in the splits. Another backflip from him while she stands around and a triple toe. She's an ice dancer.. obviously she's not going to be throwing off triples. I think that might have been my favorite team, surprisingly.

Kristi.. great execution of the choreography... can relate how hard it is to translate hip-hop.. like how Marie-France holds her own while Mike does backflip. Katarina.. you both entertained me. Michael loose those baggy hip hop pants, show off your butt. Dick.. if I had hair like that I'd flaunt it too.. that was the best program I've seen in a long time. Change of tempo, all of it was great.

Kristi: 9 Katarina: 9 Dick: 10

Michael says the last person he expected the 10 from was Dick. Marie-France said it felt great doing the hip-hop.

Well, I agree with the top team from the judges. I'd have Sale/Lauzon second place over Bourne/Zimmerman. But it's a fun competition-- I'm not going to get bent out of shape over it!!

Rochette fluff.. Olympic story. Skating once again to "Fly" by Celine Dion. Standing ovation before she starts. I've seen the program many times.. not gonna go over all her elements because that wasn't the point of it.. but another standing ovation at the end. Kurt and Elisabeth talk to her.. Kurt asks if skating has become a shoulder to lean on.. she says she feels the ice is the best medication. Elisabeth asks where she draws strength.. Joannie says from her mother.. The rest of the skaters join Joannie to give her a hug.

The end.

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