Wednesday, March 24 Tony, why is it that the world championship is not on national tv, i mean i dont have universal sports?

I don't exactly know, but I do know that ratings weren't good last year when NBC aired the ladies free skate, and until this years US Nationals, their coverage of the other skating events (Skate America, prior Nationals) scored really low as well.

I don't know whether contracts couldn't be reached with NBC or they felt that they would just have more luck putting it on one of their sub-stations, but the option to watch the entire events live online on is a fair enough trade-off for me. I also don't have the actual Universal Sports channel where I live. I know it's much different to watch something on a computer screen versus a TV, but I'm just happy we can watch the full events without having to dig around the internet for international feeds or download each skaters programs one by one on YouTube, etc. after the events are over.

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