Monday, March 15

Tour Says it's Not Discriminating Against Weir

Read the article from Universal Sports.

It wouldn't be a day in the figure skating blogging world without some kind of mentioning of Johnny Weir, or so that is how it seems it's going to be! Anyways, if you haven't followed the drama leading up to these statements by the Stars on Ice tour, the summary is that GLAAD is going after the tour because they originally made comments saying that Johnny is not "family friendly", an apparent (?) cover for a suggested issue with Weir's sexual orientation -- one that he has never publicly disclosed.

I mean, really?
Give me a break. This is figure skating. It isn't football or hockey, or anything like any other sport for that matter. There are many homosexuals in the sport whether they are public about it or not, and whether fans or other skaters choose to admit it or not. I don't need someone to come out and tell me they are gay in order for me to know they are, and that extends way past just people within the sport.

Anyways, I haven't seen a single document that suggests the Stars on Ice tour said anything about Johnny's sexuality being an issue. I think that's just an assumption, and a really stupid and hilarious one at that. Again, it's FIGURE SKATING. The only thing SOI representatives said in the above link is that there is "not enough room" for Johnny in the tour, with former US Champions Todd Eldredge and Michael Weiss, current Olympic Champion Evan Lysacek, and current US National Champion Jeremy Abbott.

Okay, maybe that is a lame excuse to keep Johnny off the tour, and maybe there is indeed a deeper issue-- but we have no reason to think that.. at least I don't. I briefly went over my own thoughts on Weir in my Jamie Sale video response blog, so I'm not going to ramble on repeating them. I'm sure he can be "friendly" enough for the family-oriented tour, but I also don't even think that skating with Stars on Ice is what he wants to be doing with his spring months. He has plenty other opportunities coming, and skating seems to be the last thing on his mind for right now, even if his agent is quoted as saying she inquired about him joining SOI.

I think some other people are making a much bigger deal about this than Johnny would. Both he and the tour will be just fine.

Updated: Actually, this interview Weir did with Inside Edition makes it sound like he actually does care. But now he is saying that the tour organizers called him "too flamboyant." Again, if not "family friendly" or whatever it is that SOI said he was has all of these deeper meanings, then I am learning something new every day about the ability for people to interpret comments. Now I change my mind about what I wrote above and think that Johnny is just going off of the GLAAD assumptions and making this a big deal himself. It's ridiculous.

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