Thursday, March 18

Universal Sports World Championships Broadcast Team

Earlier today, I blogged about Universal Sports television and their website being the only source for Americans to watch the 2010 World Figure Skating Championship.

The network posted a message on Twitter earlier today with the following information:
TV Broadcast team for 2010 World Figure Skating Championships include U.S. Olympians @JohnnyGWeir, #TaraLipinski, @TanithJLB and #BenAgosto
Wow, that should be interesting. Lipinski covered some events earlier in the season and did a very decent job, but we all know that deep down we are most curious to see what Johnny has to say about everyone. I wonder if he will just do commentary for the men, Lipinski for the ladies, and Belbin/Agosto for dance?

Follow the network on Twitter @universalsports.

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