Saturday, March 13

Updated: Chinese Third Pair Competing at World Juniors: A Solution?

If you're not yet familiar with the situation, check my blog entry from March 10th.

George Rossano from Ice Skating International Online has updated his website with further details on the situation.

As I originally assumed, the ISU had no idea about the error in letting the pair compete (! yes, really) until a reporter brought it to their attention in private. Also no surprise is Rossano reports that he hears the ISU will most likely quietly change their World Rankings by removing the points that the third Chinese team earned, as well as possibly voiding their result in the final placement.

The thing that both frustrates and amazes me at the same time about this whole ordeal is the admitting that the ISU had NO CLUE about their own breaking of the very rules they created. The rules are up on their website for any common fan like myself to read in full, so why couldn't Peter Krick or whoever else is responsible have pulled up the documents and double-checked the maximum entry formula? It literally took me two minutes maximum to navigate my way through the communications on to re-read the rules and make sure I didn't miss some loophole about additional skaters being added to the event, and there were several other "just fans" across figure skating message boards that also questioned the three entries. Seriously, what a stupid mistake.

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