Tuesday, March 23

What I'll Be Dreaming of Until 4:30 AM and Ramblings About the "Early" Session..

We will see if I can make it all the way through the mens short program, which starts at 4:30 AM where I'm at. But I know one thing for sure, I have the biggest possible crush on Takahiko Kozuka without really having a crush at all, and I can't wait to see his short program again. It's my favorite program of the year in any discipline and I wish everyone could skate the way he does, even when he makes mistakes.

A reason to watch the "earlier" session in the middle of the night is because of personal bests and great performances that might not qualify the skaters to the free skate. I remember watching last years World Championships and Hungary's Tigran Vardanjan had a great skate and showed a ton of personality throughout the program as well as in the kiss and cry, and Romania's Zoltan Kelemen also really stood out with a personal best-- yet they finished 31st and 32nd overall and got thrown in with the rest of the "DNQ" skaters in the final results, and not at all because they didn't skate well. Kelemen, for example, went on to surprisingly earn one of the six spots available for the Olympics at a qualifying competition early this season.. I don't think anyone saw that coming.

Odds are if you follow figure skating close enough to read my blog, then you've seen most of the men in the "later" session's short programs enough times this year that you could probably emulate the choreography on your kitchen floor.

Do yourself a favor and watch the first session! You might find yourself some new favorites.


Natalie said...

I love Kozuka's short and it is in my top 4 but I have to say Abbot's short was my favorite of the season closely followed by Takahashi's and Wier's. Men's skating is just the best discipline by far! I must say though, I have been waiting for someone to skate to Axis: Bold as Love for at least 15 years. Beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Kozuka is so underrated. I love Daisuke but I can't wait until he leaves so Kozuka can become Japan's number one male skater and get recognition marks.

Tony, I love reading your blog so I hope you dont take this the wrong way. But would you consider limiting the number of entries on your front page? All your videos take forever to load and it kills my computer every time I visit your blog. Maybe you could put a limit of 5-10 entries on the front page or put cut away links to every entry so all your videos don't appear on one page? It's just a suggestion. I love your blog anyways.

Tony said...

I actually am glad that you brought it up. I tested out the load time on my Mac with both Safari and Chrome, and then also opened it on a Toshiba Satellite with Internet Explorer and Firefox and everything seemed to load pretty well, so I didn't think to worry about it. I can set the number of entries that show up to five instead of how it is currently set, showing all the posts from the last two days (I think..)

Thanks for letting me know and I am glad that you enjoy my blog :-)

Tony said...

I just changed it.. hopefully that works out better for you. I posted all of those pairs short program videos in just two different blog posts which I'm sure wasn't the greatest idea..