Thursday, March 25 What's your past/background in figure skating? How were/are you involved?

Long-time fan.. since I was six actually. I'm 23 now, got into skating myself and went from landing a waltz jump to rotating (but not cleanly landing) a double Axel in about a year.. never competed or anything as I just wanted to do it for fun but the jumps really came pretty easily for me. I met a lot of people along the way from sharing my opinions of events online (I was on the message boards at age 11! Nerd...), and I have previously helped pick out music for some World-level competitors, cut music for show programs, and just little other things to help out however I can. I'm really nobody important :-)


Alex said...

What kind of figure skating boots / blades do you have?

Tony said...

I use John Wilson Coronation Ace blades and Riedell 320 boots.