Tuesday, March 30

Formspring.me: Why Patrick Chan and Yu Na Kim are always sooooo overscored? Why judges love them so much? And also Virtue&Moir. they didn't deserve the title, they had mistakes, their performance wasn't so emotional and flawless.

I don't think they are always so overmarked. Kim at the Olympics, yes, but when else has she been so overscored? And I thought that Chan was marked pretty honestly in the recent World Championships free skate, while most others thought that was a gift. I don't know as much about ice dancing basics so I can't really give an exact answer about that one.


Anonymous said...

I don't like this kind of question.
Actually, it is not a question. just one way of expressing one's pretty subjective (even biased) opinion.
If you really have something to say, post it on your own blog.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you....It's NOT A QUESTION.:P

Anonymous said...

nice comment, Mr./Ms. Anonymous :)

Anonymous said...

Yu-na Kim have better jumps than Chan ... so, he is overscored for man competition :-S

Anonymous said...

Take your trollbaiting somewhere else.

Cassie said...

Patrick Chan is a legend, but only in his own mind. He's very calculating in the way he plays the 'politics' part of the sport - he sits back and says nothing and watches other people say something stupid/offensive while he keeps his mouth shut until AFTER the competition.
I'm not a fan but that was not entirely an insult either. We all know figure skating judging is, in part, political. In many ways it's very smart what he does.
That being said, I personally don't understand his high scores or why people enjoy him. I am a person who likes the athleticism more than the artistry, but I don't even see this with Chan. Yu-Na Kim, though, is always amazing!

Covergirl said...

In response to Cassie...
Your remarks do strike me as unnecessarily unkind.
Patrick Chan is barely 19...he's still a boy.
He'd have to be either a qualified rocket scientist or psychopath to be as calculating as you claim at his age.
I hardly think his NOT saying stupid/offensive things is reason to criticise him.
You say.. "I prefer the athleticism to the artistry"... inferring that figure skaters must be either Artistic or Athletic.. when in fact the best of the best are both.
Plus if you think what Chan does isn't athletic I suggest an eye exam.
I think that your remark... "I don't understand Chan's high scores" demonstrates only your own lack of understanding of how the new judging system works.
"or why people enjoy him ?"..
Well I always enjoy him.. but
To answer that point I'll refer to the opinion of FOUR time world champion Kurt Browning, who choreographed Chan's gala routine to Viva La Vida.
"I could watch this kid skate for 4 minutes without ANY jumps at all.. He's THAT good."
He might not be your cup of tea Cassie.. but there's room in this sport for everyone.