Sunday, March 21

World Championships Results Page/Technical Panel Information

I said earlier that the World Championships results page would probably go up sometime today, and it just became active. All of the listed rosters are the same as they were when the ISU last updated the event page March 19th. (The earliest draws, by the way, occur tomorrow morning-- not today as I originally suggested.)

Also released on the results page were the members of each event technical panel.

Men: Referee: Jan Hoffmann
Technical Controller: Paolo Pizzocari
Technical Specialist: Ravi Walia
Assistant Technical Specialist: Ricardo Olavarrieta

Ladies: Referee: Gale Tanger
Technical Controller: Katarina Henriksson
Technical Specialist: Shin Amano
Assistant Technical Specialist: Anett Poetzsch-Rauschenbach

Pairs: Referee: Fabio Bianchetti
Technical Controller: Charles Cyr
Technical Specialist: Veronique Fleury
Assistant Technical Specialist: Alexander Kuznetsov

Ice Dance: Referee: Walter Zuccaro
Technical Controller: Gilles Vandenbroeck
Technical Specialist: Marie Bowness
Assistant Technical Specalist: Sergei Ponomarenko (fresh off of his DUI arrest, I see..)

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