Monday, March 15

World Junior Championships Ladies Medal Ceremony

Check out a cute moment between gold medalist Kanako Murakami and silver medalist Agnes Zawadzki, when Zawadzki accidentally stepped on to the bronze medal position of the podium, which belonged to Russia's Polina Agafonova. The beginning of the national anthem of Japan is also included in the video, by YouTube user MaDDaMforum. Check out their user page for more World Junior Championship videos!

Also check out Murakami's reaction to Akiko Suzuki's free skate score at the 2009/2010 Japanese National Championships. Suzuki finished in second place by a slim margin, and with it came a ticket to the Olympic Games. Kanako seems like such a genuinely happy person! (The moment occurs at the very end, 8:17 in the bottom video.)

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