Thursday, March 18

WTF Judging Moment: Carolina Kostner 2004 World Championships

Don't get me wrong, I love Carolina Kostner when she's on-- unfortunately that has seemed pretty rare the last few seasons. I even thought she made a strong case to win the short program at the 2005 World Championships, but she ended up fourth behind Slutskaya, Cohen, and Kwan.

BUT one judging moment I will never understand is the way she was scored for her mini-disaster in the second half of her World Championship free skate in 2004 (she's had worse-- hence the "mini"). She was the final skater of the night and yes, I'm sure the judges blocked themselves in forcing them to give the scores that they did without going TOO low, but seriously-- 10 of her 14 technical scores were 5.7 or higher! Oh 6.0, one reason I am glad you aren't with us anymore.

Watch it here... and then watch Carolina's long program from her first European Championships (actually her first senior international event!) in 2003, when she was 15 years old.

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