Monday, March 22

YouTube Short Program Videos of World Championship Pairs Competitors - First Half

Here are the videos I found of the World Championships pairs teams and their short programs from earlier in the season, just for reference. The videos are posted by pairs skate order.

1 Crenshaw/Tsagris GRE no videos available

2 Montalbano/Krasnopolski ISR 2010 European Championships

3 Sunyoto-Yang/Sulindro-Yang TPE 2009 Nebelhorn Trophy

4 Sulej/Chruscinski POL 2009 Nebelhorn Trophy

5 Hausch/Wende GER 2010 European Championships

6 Berton/Hotarek ITA 2010 Italian National Championships

7 Bakirova/Kamianchuk BLR 2010 European Championships

8 Ivanova/Zalevski BUL no videos available

9 Bazarova/Larionov RUS 2009 Rostelecom Cup 

10 Kostenko/Talan UKR no videos available

11 Cermanova/Hanulak SVK 2009 Nebelhorn Trophy

12 Sergejeva/Glebov EST 2010 European Championships

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