Tuesday, March 16

Yu-na Kim Failing Out of University?!

I told you earlier that it was going to be a slow day, so I went searching for interesting skating articles and found this one. Is this for real? I mean, sounds to me like Korea University is in Korea, and last time I checked, Kim trains in Canada. Also, last time I checked, University tends to go from September or so until May or June, which are mostly prime months of the figure skating season.

"Kim barely made it to class last year. Although Korea University runs special morning curriculum for athletes, Kim mostly trains and competes overseas, so it was almost impossible for her to attend."


This article just seems weird to me. If she did fail two classes last year, why would she continue to be enrolled during the busy Olympic season? Is there some kind of requirement for Korean athletes that they have to go to school, even while competing?

Like I said, it's a slow day..


sc4325686 said...

There is no 'requirement' for athletes in Korea.

However, 99% of athletes go to Universities in Korea, because the Korean society puts great, great emphasis on education and degrees. Also, it gives a venue for the athletes to socialize and blend in with the rest of the society, as well as train together.

The situation of Yuna is a little different. Few athletes train oversea like Yuna Kim. I read she is planning to attend a local college in Toronto and transfer credits back to her university. She is a bright girl, so she will have no problem keeping up once she decides to focus on it.

It would have been better to rest a semester or two, and save the tuition as well as the 'F's. (not sure if she is on scholarship?) But with the Olympics preparation, that was probably the last thing on her mind. It is not like anyone gives a damn about her 'F's...

Tony said...

Thanks for the information. I honestly was surprised to see Korean media reporting it, but it's true-- who really cares about her grades at this point of her life? If she decides that skating isn't going to be a part of the rest of her life, then she can completely devote her time to getting the degree. She doesn't need it any time soon, that's for sure. :-)

Anonymous said...

the updated news a day or two days ago..."It was not true about the news before..she's got 'F'.."
there's tons of rumors about her from tabloids...
I think that kinda things gonna go with her as long as she is so famous..

Poor girl..
coming back to Toronto..
she can live as normal life..