Wednesday, April 14

Can you explain how a Biellmann is allowed as a feature for the layback spin? I don't understand how this is allowed as part of the layback in the SP.

The Biellmann position is a feature to increase the level. I think it is considered as part of the layback because you are pulling your skate from almost touching the ice to over your head, and keeping the balance centered. It's not still a layback position, but eh.. whatever the ISU thinks ;-)

That's part of my problem with ladies skating now, though. It used to be by far my favorite and now I feel like so many of them look the same. The flexible girls are all doing the same exact spins and spirals, and now that the footwork takes so long to complete in order for the high levels, it doesn't give the skaters, especially in the short program, much time for anything else besides going from element to element.

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