Thursday, April 15

Costume Drama in the 80's

Vanessa Riley is an international judge from Great Britain, and she always seems to be in disagreement with the rest of the judges about her marks. In this particular instance, at the 1989 European Championships, Soviet skater Alexandr Fadeev skated the long program of his life, and received some 6.0 scores for artistic impression. Riley, on the other hand, deducted 0.2 for his see-through "lower half" and gave him a 5.6. She speaks her mind about enforcing the rules, and how she generally has a wide range of marks. Also included is her fuss about Surya Bonaly's tights in the compulsory figures competition, and Maia Usova's rhumba dress. And these days, the only fluff we seem to get is of a skate and how to tell if a jump is downgraded... sigh.


jumping clapping man said...

i LOVE that bobby (the leering, yellow-toothed british dude) is in favor of Usova's costume (no surprise there), and not the closeted lesbian!! ba-hahaha!

jumping clapping man said...

OMG, i hadn't seen fadeev's soviet twigs-'n-berries (via dance belt/jock strap) before. thanks for sharing!

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