Friday, April 9

Do you or did you ever skate yourself or are you just a watching fan?

I do skate, but didn't start until I was too old to ever go anywhere with it unless I skated 6 hours a day-- which didn't happen. I was doing double toes, double Sals, and the occasional double flip after about 3 or 4 months of being seriously coached. I also think I made a few good attempts on the double Axel-- rotating it all the way, but always falling. I am not coached right now, and go skating sometimes if I have an off-day, and I can still do the other doubles. I really want to go back and work on my basics though, because I'd actually love to start coaching young kids one day, and then maybe work my way up :-)

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AJ said...

That is fantastic that you made it to that level of jumps within such a short time. I skated as a kid, recreationally, and came back to skate as an adult but have never really mastered the double jumps, though I keep trying. However, my basic skills - stroking, edges, turns and spins - have improved considerably since I came back. Good coaching is essential and can make such a difference. Love your blog - keep it up!