Monday, April 26

Do you think this team works? Mao Asada and Brian Orser. Quite a few major South Korean newspapers started discussing that Mao Asada offered coaching position to Mr.Orser and he is considering it as Kim Yuna might retire soon.

I've heard that this rumor is false, so I won't go into any deep elaboration about it..

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highaims said...

Yup, completely false. Mao's management issued a press release to the Japanese media denying it. Have never considered this nor will in the future, was their response.

Anonymous said...

Orser was approached and was offered the position as the Asada's main coach by IMG, Asada's agency, during the worlds last month; so the rumor is not false. However, IMG hasn't followed up since then and Orser stated clearly that he is not interested.

Anonymous said...

Anyway it will never happen!
That's all!
The agency says there was no offer and Orser says there was an offer. They contradict each other. But it doesn't matter at all since it's not gonna happen.