Wednesday, April 14

Do you think we will ever see a quad loop or axel in the future, or are these jumps just not possible between skating equipment and gravity?

Kevin Van der Perren was doing clean quad loops in practice many, many years ago. Chris Mabee, a former Canadian skater, had some nice attempts and I saw a video of one that was half cheated, but still, not bad. I think Roman Serov has also landed quad loops in practice, but fell? when he attempted it at a Skate America years ago. So the potential to do them is definitely there.

Quad Axel.. I really don't know. Maybe from someone like Michal Brezina but that is one I definitely don't see happening any time soon, or maybe ever.

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Tonichelle said...

Kurt Browning wrote in his autobiography in 1992 that while he believed there would be other quads outside of the quad toe, he couldn't see four and a half revolutions happening... for what it's worth.