Sunday, April 18

I've been hearing rumors that proposals for limiting the 2As in the ladies FP from 3 times to 2 are in the works. Have you heard about it at all? So far, I've seen arguments both for and against it. What is your honest opinion, assuming that it's true?

I think that it is fine. The difference in points between a double Axel and a triple toe loop is less than what it is between a double Axel and double Lutz (the Axel is almost double!). I wouldn't even mind seeing the double Axel be thrown in with the triples as far as the rule about only repeating a maximum of two, and they have to be in combination or sequence if you do them a second time. It really makes the ladies strive to learn ALL the triples rather than going out and doing two triple toes, two triple Sals, and three double Axels as their seven jump passes. That gets boring!

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