Friday, April 23

I Definitely Jumped on the Bandwagon..

If you read my scoring of the World Championships, you know that I thought Luxembourg's Fleur Maxwell was really undermarked on some of the program components scores. I actually would have had her in the top 24 in the short program; the judges had her 33rd. Her program wasn't on YouTube to share with everyone, but a see that a video went up yesterday. Trust me, if you watched the first half of the ladies short programs, this program was a big breath of fresh air, even with the fall on the double Axel.

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kortney said...

Hmmm, I'm going to disagree on this one. Without knowing her scores or anything, I watched and in my head for PCS I thought high 3s, maybe a low 4 for performance/interpretation.

Yep. I think a 4.25 was even generous for SS. She definitely has some talent and needs a stronger coaching team and stronger basic skating skills before she'll go anywhere. She definitely enjoys skating and I enjoyed that, but her skating was very laboured with small crossovers and choppy flow.

Her flexibility was unbelievable though!