Monday, April 26

If you were a choreographer to work with a skater heading for the Olympics, which current male/female skater would you want to work with, to what kind of music?

One day, I hope this actually happens!

For the men, I'd want to work with Takahiko Kozuka and hopefully have some of my personality rub off on him so that he can really express the music throughout his whole body, including his face and the way he creates tension. I'd also want to keep showcasing his amazing basics, though. Adrian Schultheiss would be another one I would love to work with. He always dares to do something a little bit different, and I like that. I'd really push him to skate a whole lot faster than he does right now and he probably wouldn't like that so much :-) I think I'd also have a lot of fun working with Florent Amodio, but I think he already "gets" the whole feeling and selling of a program and his interpretation is strong no matter what the style.

As far as the ladies.. hmm... I'd actually love to share some ideas with Mao Asada to get her back on the right track. I've said it a million times and many people probably think I am a big hater (which I'm not.. at all!), but her packaging the last few years, IMO, has just been all wrong. I also think I could come up with something cool for Viktoria Helgesson. She seems to always get these pretty, light programs yet she skates with just as much power and height in her jumps as any lady.

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Anonymous said...

Tony, thanks for answering my question!
I'm amazed to know that you named Takahiko and Mao who were the very skaters that I also thought of!
IMO they leave scope for imagination for choreographers because they are both very talented and yet to be established to their own perfection.

I would also want to work with Jeremy Abott and Ashley Wagner for the same reason.

Tony said...

I was thinking about naming Ashley Wagner, oddly enough! I really like her skating, I'm just not sure what I would personally do or which direction I would have her go in..

Anonymous said...

Ashley is still young and hasn't displayed her uniquness yet in terms of expression. Mirai & Rachel are about the same age but have more extrovert personalities on ice.
That's why I named Ashley - she looks like a white canvas to me just like Taka and Mao.
Thanks for sharing your view on this!