Tuesday, April 20

It Just Blows My Mind..

..that Oksana Baiul was 16 years old and already presenting herself the way she did. She might have two-footed her jumps often in competition and traveled severely on her spins, but she really had a spark all to her own back in the day. Here's an exhibition that she and Viktor Petrenko used in the 1994 season, this time from the Olympic Games. Off on the side-by-side triple toes, but who cares?! Look at her really get into it! And yes, she whips her scrunchee off in the middle of the spin towards the end :)

..And then three short years later, she shows up to the World Professional Championships out of shape and obviously not completely prepared for the competition. She didn't have a total disaster of a skate, but check out how classy she is at the end when NBC's Elfie Schlegel tried to interview her. What a train wreck.

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