Friday, April 23

Kristoffer Berntsson

The talk in the Grand Prix assignment guesses post got me remembering some of the great programs Sweden's Kristoffer Berntsson has had over the years. For some reason, I thought he was retiring at the end of the 2010 season, but Adrian Schultheiss finished in the top 10 at Worlds and now the country has two entries next year-- maybe he will stay in and try to qualify for a spot and end on a better note. His season was pretty much a disaster, but his free skate included a string quartet version of "Sweet Dreams". As usual with Kristoffer, the program wasn't lacking in the least as far as creativity goes. Here's his performance from the 2009 NHK Trophy.

Also while you're at it, check out his Saturday Night Fever free skate from the 2007 World Championships, when he climbed into the top 10 for the first and only time in his career. The second triple Axel was absolutely perfect, as the commetator says ;-)

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